I.D.E.A – First steps are Sometimes the Biggest Steps

I.D.E.A – First steps are Sometimes the Biggest Steps

In this episode, Tara Everett, Founding President of Canoe Coworking and Founder of Speak Your Truth, talks about how with inclusion and diversity, how we are changing people’s mindsets and how they go about their daily lives, thinking of others who may not be in the same life or space that they are.

And then translating that into practical things, whether that’s a handout like the handbooks, resources that people can access, or putting those lessons into action through training or activities that people can do to experience and expand their knowledge of the work that IDEA does.

Tara works to bring together communities focused on developing sustainable, Indigenous-led knowledge and practises both locally and globally and has been working as an inclusion and diversity specialist for indigenous work with Tash Koster-Thomas and the European Coworking Assembly.

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