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Welcome back to Coworking Values Podcast folks! For this episode, we’ll be presenting the recently concluded EFWEEK panel of our sponsor: Cobot!

The talk is about “Banking on Freelance: Adapting Coworking Infrastructure to Support Freelance Workers”. Cobot sits down with Maria Calafatis — co-founder of The Cube Athens, Yann Heurtaux – Co-auditor of Coworking Switzerland’s accounts, Caterina Maiolini — London mayor of Startup Home, UK ambassador and head ambassador of Co-Liv, and Marc Navarro — Coworking and organization consultant and the content director of the Coworking Spain conference. 

They are going to discuss the freelancers, coworking, and coliving have contributed immeasurably to flexible work—more essential than ever in the light of the COVID-19 pandemic. The event happened last October 21, 2020 at 6 PM CEST. 


Maria Calafatis

The Cube Athens

Yann Heurtaux


Caterina Maoilini


Startup Home

Marc Navarro

Coworking Spain Conference


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