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Coworking in Europe For Ukraine

Ukraine HEADER

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For this episode, we have the recorded conversation from the recently concluded Coworking IDEA Project – Special Edition: UKRAINE call last Wednesday, March 9, 2022, at 2pm CET
Coworking in Europe is combining its resources to support our community in Ukraine.

Global Coordination

The call is an international conversation about refugees, racism and what you can do to help.
Working with our colleagues and coworkers who are being directly impacted by the invasion of Ukraine, we will explore the various community-led initiatives that have been created.
Together, we will map the existing networks of support, identify gaps and discuss how we can educate and mobilize in our own communities.
To join us in this ongoing advocacy, visit the page:


Calls to Action –Coworking IDEA Project

How to Support Ukraine – Vika Zhurbas, Coworking Ukraine

Coworking for Ukraine – Christoph Fahle, One Coworking and partners

We Help Ukraine – Hugo de Sousa and team

Open Doors and Arms – European Coworking Assembly

Coliving for Ukraine – Co-Liv (

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