Collaborative Movements For A Better Future

Collaborative Movements For A Better Future

Join us as we welcome back Ashley Proctor, coworking maven, serial entrepreneur, global coworking movement leader, and advocate for Diversity, Inclusion, and Equity talks with Tash Koster-Thomas, Director of DEI at European Coworking Assembly and the Author of the Coworking IDEA Handbook.

In this episode, Ashley and Tash discuss how Inclusion, Diversity, Equity, and Accessibility should be the blueprint for humanity and the foundation of everything we do, in conjunction with the launch of the Coworking IDEA Handbook. And how important it is to keep talking about it, now more than ever as society fights back against societal injustices.

That we are on the threshold between the old and the new, and we must actively choose to build the future that we desire. We must step up and take on roles at city hall as well as leadership positions in our own organisations.

Stepping up could mean stepping aside to allow for new mentorship leadership, opportunities for reverse mentorship, and listening to and engaging the youth.


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