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Bernie J Mitchell: Do Coworking Values Need Updating?

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Coworking Values Podcast is back with regular programming. And here we are with Bernie J Mitchell, our Podcast host. He’s going to give us the lowdown on what’s happening on the coworking community. 

Apart from that he’s going to deep-dive on the Coworking Idea Project challenge this month about living the Coworking Values. And does the Coworking Values need updating? 

Do the Coworking Values need updating?

Off the top of my head, I cover many people, I can’t think of anyone that was around the original siding of the Coworking values. A lot of people heard and first and second hand and then took them forward.

And then it’s been a long time since they were discussed. And there are things that need to be added there. And there’s more understanding of what that what those words actually mean, and how they play out in our life to date.

So the other point that’s made in this, this month’s challenge is everything is everything is coworking.


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