Hosted by Parisa Urquhart

The European Coworking Assembly is launching the IDEA (Inclusion, Diversity, Equity, and Accessibility) Handbook, and you are invited to the live launch. 

The conversation around IDEA is happening in all sectors. In coworking it is involved in everything we do. Still,  not everyone always knows where to start. That is why the ECA created a tool to help everyone on the  IDEA journey with creating a strategy and carrying it out. 

It can be challenging to know where to start, that is why the handbook breaks it down into bite size pieces to make it more manageable. 

Parisa Urquhart is a big advocate for IDEA, and especially fair treatment of all genders. She is the ideal host for this watch party as she is dedicated to ensuring that all genders are treated equally, based on their needs. Join Parisa at the watch party and be the first to get your hands on the handbook. 

Parisa has always had a passion for film and documentaries. This passion persisted during her previous careers in the sports and property industry.

Come join the launch party and watch two short documentaries with us!

Your host

Parisa Urquhart

Parisa’s love for film has made her the ideal choice to host the launch party. She is dedicated to fighting for fair treatment of women, and her focus on diversity makes her an excellent candidate. 

She eventually undertook filmmaking courses when living in Sydney, Australia. Following this, she worked on documentaries by Sydney media companies who had international clients such as the World Wildlife Fund. On her return to Scotland Parisa established Urquhart Media Limited, enabling her to produce and direct her own content. 

The company’s mission is to make ‘game-changing stories that challenge the status quo’. Urquhart Media does this by making factual content that encourages positive change – educational and informative with impact. These stories emerge from Scotland but resonate globally. 

What’s on the agenda

Catch the watch party on 23/29 March 2023. The agenda for the watch party will be as follows: 

  • – Opening: introduction to IDEA and the handbook. 
  • – Introduction to Parisa and her amazing work. 
  • – Watch the first documentary: Calls for better complaints process in co-working spaces
  • – Discussion about inclusion in the workspace and the challenges in the industry.
  • – Watch the second documentary: Long Live Livi Amazon Prime in US & Japan & Garage Films Worldwide
  • – Questions
  • – Closing of event and thank

Ready for the launch?

Get your ticket and be sure to bring snacks. Parisa will be hosting the launch party! Book your ticket here: