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Introducing a Crowdsourced Crisis Directory

Introducing a Crowdsourced Crisis Directory - @CoAssemblyEU -

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A global directory of COVID-19 crisis resources to support freelancers, the self-employed, gig-economy workers, students, business operators, the unemployed and employees.

Suddenly we all find ourselves in the middle of an existential crisis. It feels like a downhill ride with bumps, obstacles and an array of unpredictable endings. Like most other sectors, our Coworking universe faces many problems and we’re seeing unprecedented collaboration to try and find or build solutions together. Collectively, we are driven by the firm belief that only through collaboration we can overcome the challenges in front of us today, and those that are yet to be named. 

What we know for sure: The coworking sector will massively be impacted by this crisis. 

Why is that? 

  • Coworking is about connecting people. We are now forced to find digital solutions and we have to find them fast.
  • Suddenly the rug is being pulled out from under Coworking spaces’ feet as events and daily business are stopped by outside forces, public safety and regulations. 
  • Your members – big and small – are affected and may be struggling to make ends meet.
  • As Coworking and its spaces are as diverse as it gets, there is no single crisis fund that fits all.

To help you navigate through these challenges we are building a crisis directory – not only for Coworking operators, but also for your members, neighbours, students, employees, freelancers, corporate clients, NGOs, SMEs, and startups.  

Who are we?

We are the founders of the Coworking Library, a successful community project that collects and indexes all coworking research in an open and interdisciplinary database: Johanna, Carsten and Hector

How can you help? 

We are launching our Crowdsourced Crisis Resource Directory this week and invite you to add any resources you came across and found helpful to share with others. These can be filtered by location, target group and other factors that further indicate who this resource can help and how to apply for it.

What’s the silver lining?

We believe this time shows how strong we can be, if we work together. Coworking alliances and collectives will be more important than ever before. With support from the European Coworking Assembly, and Deskmag this directory can become a major resource and we are hoping you will support our mission as well. Add your resources now: 

Crowdsourced Crisis Directory

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