About us

We are coworking entrepreneurs and professionals who want to improve Europe’s economy and society via coworking and help and promote coworking to reach its full potential. We work with coworking spaces and policy makers to promote coworking businesses, activities and interests in the European Union.

Coworking spaces are hubs for the entrepreneurs, freelance professionals, teleworkers and organizations that are building Europe’s future economy, innovation, jobs, and growth. There are already more than 2000 coworking spaces in Europe with committed entrepreneurs and teams that activate and strengthen these networks, improving the business, lives and links of the tens of thousands of people and businesses they host.

The EU economy needs coworking spaces and should support and favor the efforts of the entrepreneurs that are building these businesses. If there’s a place where people could launch their startup or freelancing career, it is in a coworking space. If remote workers are to have a better balance of life, they should be in a coworking space. If established professionals want to have a peer support network that is lost outside larger companies, they will find it in coworking spaces.

Our Mission

We want to improve our towns, regions, countries, Europe and the World. That is why we campaign and call for governments, parliaments and administrations to:

  • Promote coworking spaces via demand, not offer.
  • Facilitate access to finance and guarantees.
  • Open up unused spaces to be used by local coworking businesses.
  • Update laws and regulations to include coworking as a recognized business.
  • Simplify VAT taxation for intra-Community transactions.
  • Limit taxation on early stage spaces so that they can focus on growth and long term sustainability.
  • Promote coworking spaces as a necessary lever for innovation.
  • Encourage the support of coworkers, increase their numbers and promote their lifestyle.

Among ourselves- the coworking spaces, networks and conferences- we strive for:

  • Greater visibility, knowledge and utilization.
  • A greater collaboration for transnational activities.
  • An increased interaction among owners and operators.
  • The sharing of know- how and experience.
  • An annual assembly coinciding with Coworking Europe Conference to bring our people, challenges and knowledge together for a better future.
  • Common guaranteed standards of service.



Coworking Europe

Coworking Europe is the oldest and biggest world event dedicated to Coworking. The conference gathers yearly hundreds of coworking space managers and catalysts from more than 50 countries. The event aims to address the evolution of coworking in its diversity through showcasing insightful stories and by hosting cutting-edge conversations on best practices, challenges and impact of coworking in Europe and beyond.


Open Coworking

Open Coworking is looking forward to working with the European Coworking Assembly to spread the good word about coworking to people, organizers, and governments everywhere. Its all-star team of members are dedicated to the healthy growth of coworking in a continent that’s home to perhaps the most dense and diverse concentration of coworking spaces anywhere on earth.”


European Freelancers Week

European Freelancers Week is the largest event for independent workers. It brings together freelancers for workshops, discussions and meetups in coworking spaces across Europe. #EFWeek aims to help freelancers improve their independent careers. More at freelancersweek.

#EFW LOGO for light background

The European Freelancers’ Movement and the European Forum of Independent Professionals

“Coworking and freelancers are mutually dependent. Both must be strong to build a thriving, creative, independent workforce. The European Freelancers’ Movement and the European Forum of Independent Professionals fully endorse the European Coworking Assembly, and we look forward to collaborating to revolutionize the way Europe works.”



Our mission is to make self employment easier than employment website

We believe we can revolutionize the current system where the self-employed don’t get to enjoy the same rights and privileges as the employed. Starting with 1tap receipts, we have made the boring and repetitive expense tracking quick and easy to save you hours each month and money in overpaid taxes.


European Union

The Startup Europe Coworking Assembly is a chapter of the Startup Europe program and the Startup Europe Club launched in the framework of the Digital Agenda for Europe of the European Commission.


Neelie Kroes, European Commissioner in charge of the Digital Agenda, has acknowledged Coworking as a model which can support the development of digital entrepreneurship in Europe and beyond.


You can find the statutes of the Assembly in the site of the Belgian Ministry of Justice.