How are coworking spaces surviving the pandemic?

European Coworking Assembly’s Zeljko Crnjakovic connected with special guest Pauline Roussel, Co-founder of Coworkies to discuss how coworking spaces are surviving during the COVID-19 pandemic. Most coworkers became accustomed to find a productive space to work outside of the home. It is therefore not surprising that members of coworking communities around the world have had to reset their outlook and adjust to a ‘new normal’ of being productive back inside the house.

As a coworking pioneer, Paula is the first to admit that the shift in work life presented either a possible rut or endless workday with zero boundaries. Although she admits missing the social aspect of coworking, she has been intentional about finding her own rhythm, participating in online and virtual events to stay connected and inspired during these times. 

Coworkies is a virtual coaching space that was founded by Pauline and cofounder Demeter in 2016. When Pauline entered the coworking world she recognized the need to create a network of freelancers/suppliers/startups to connect members of the coworking community outside of the physical space that traditional coworking spaces present. Coworkies was developed to support entrepreneurs beyond the physical spaces that were limiting them. 

The organization has made tremendous shifts in the sector/industry to build bridges between coworking spaces for people to share work and expand their network, not just in the space, but outside of their space, in their city and beyond! 

Having visited over 400 coworking spaces around the world Pauline shares invaluable insights into the most common and unique concepts she has discovered along the way. As somebody with extensive knowledge on the coworking landscape she brings a unique perspective on survival during this pandemic. 

There is a lot to unpack when we look at how the coworking community across the globe have taken different approaches to countering the spread of the disease, supporting entrepreneurs and freelancers and adapting to new innovative ways of working to survive the economic impact the pandemic has had on members of coworking communities at large.

Are you a freelancer? Coworking space owner or looking to adapt your business approach to keep business going? The landscape is constantly evolving and although times are trying, new innovation and coworking trends have come to the fore. Now more than ever we need to come together (virtually that is) to evolve with the shifting times.

Discover insights and concepts for staying ahead of the changing coworking landscape. Watch the full interview with Pauline Roussel, Co-founder of Coworkies here:

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