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Hi, I’m Ramon, the New President of the European Coworking Assembly

Hi, I'm Ramon, the New President of the European Coworking Assembly - @CoAssemblyEU -

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RamonHello everyone. My name is Ramon Suarez and I’ve been elected as the new President of the European Coworking Assembly. I’m taking over the lead after Jean-Yves Huwart, who has led the Assembly through its initial steps together with the rest of the team. You may know me as the founder of Betacowork Coworking Brussels and author of The Coworking Handbook, speaker at the different coworking conferences, and many other things.

If you have not heard about the Assembly yet don’t worry, it is normal. We have been quietly working on it, trying to figure out what to do and how to. Now we have decided to expose ourselves and bring this initiative to the public.

The purpose of the European Coworking Assembly is to work with coworking spaces and policy makers to promote coworking businesses, activities and interests in the European Union. To support this I’m going to focus in these four areas during my first year as President:

  • Drafting the new statutes, to make it clear to understand who can join, how, what they can do and what they can expect.
  • Open up membership to all coworking spaces in Europe.
  • Raise funds, in form of memberships and other sources.
  • Organize the next General Assembly coinciding with Coworking Europe Conference 2016.

There are also a few initiatives that we are discussing to bring attention to coworking and the issues that we have to face as businesses.

If you have any questions of suggestions leave a comment or contact me via the contact form or Twitter (@ramonsuarez).

I’m really looking forward to this 🙂

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