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April 5 @ 2:00 pm - 5:00 pm

Hosted by Parisa Urquhart

The European Coworking Assembly has been working on on the IDEA (Inclusion, Diversity, Equity, and Accessibility) Handbook, and we are finally ready to launch it! 

This has been the brainchild of many team members in the European Coworking Assembly. The purpose of this handbook is to support you in creating a sense of belonging through inclusion. To celebrate the uniqueness and energy that comes with diversity.

Using this handbook in your coworking space will allow you to be brave enough to bring your unique self to work every day and give others that courage too.

What is the watch party? 

We have teamed up with Parisa Urquhart to launch it in a fun way, by watching documentries that also handle topics of inclusion, diversity, equity, and accessibility

Parisa Urquhart is a BAFTA winning Scottish/Iranian director and producer based in Scotland, and is known for her work Scotland, Slavery and Statues (2020), Long Live Livi (2020) Sexual Harassment in Co-working Spaces (2019), Glasgow Acknowledging Slavery Glasgow City Council (2017), Strike for Freedom: Frederick Douglass in Scotland 2019 is another popular film that she directed. She is currently raising funds for a documentary on the womens’ uprising in Iran.

The ECA first came in contact with Parisa when she was researching for Sexual Harassment in Co-working Spaces, and her interest in the development of such a handbook was important to us. She is the ideal host for this watch party because of her deep knowledge, unending curiosity, and dedication to challenging the status quo.

Join us and Parisa at the watch party and be the first to get your hands on the handbook and hear about her work.


What is the handbook?

The Handbook is a tool to help everyone on the IDEA journey with formulating a strategy, writing it down, and carrying it out. We are raising funds to create an audiobook version.

Come join the launch party, watch two of Parisa’s short documentaries with us, and let’s talk about it!


About your host:

Parisa Urquhart

Parisa is dedicated to fighting for fair treatment of women, and her focus on diversity gives her a unique perspective from which to speak.

Parisa is a producer and director (in some cases completely on her own, a bold choice which nevertheless gives her the freedom to work with others – such as us – without any interference).

Her company’s mission is to make ‘game-changing stories that challenge the status quo’. She does this by making factual content that encourages positive change – educational and informative with impact. These stories emerge from Scotland but resonate globally. 


What’s on the agenda

Catch the watch party in 5 April 2023. The agenda for the watch party will be as follows: 

  • 1. Opening: introduction to IDEA and the handbook. 
  • 2. Introduction to Parisa and her amazing work. 
  • 3. Watch the first documentary: Calls for better complaints process in co-working spaces
  • 4. Discussion about inclusion in the workspace and the challenges in the industry.
  • 5. Watch the second documentary: Long Live Livi (produced by the Scottish Documentary Institute along with the BBC, and co-directed with Ling Lee) Amazon Prime in US & Japan & Garage Films Worldwide 
  • 6. Questions
  • 7. Closing of event and thanks


How can I participate?

Ticket price 50 EUR

Book your tickets here


Special Requests

If you have specific requirements for the invoice for your recordkeeping, or want to support in some other way, please contact us: jeannine@coworkingassembly.eu 


If your organisation would like to support the ECA Inclusion Project or the Parisa’s work on the Women’s Movement in Iran, please contact us: jeannine@coworkingassembly.eu 




April 5
2:00 pm - 5:00 pm