Assembly Projects

These are the projects we are actively developing.  If you want to be involved, just hit the “I want some of that” button.

National Coworking Day

with Desana

National Coworking Day was held in 2018 in Scotland, and is is an open day of every coworking space in Scotland. In the evening, coworking was celebrated with live music, inspiring talks, and drinks.  

Next year we hope to support the launch of National Coworking Day in the UK.

Coworking Library

with deskmag & German Coworking Federation

The Coworking Library will provide a free, interdisciplinary open online database in which all current and former research about coworking can be found.

There is an English abstract of all entries regardless of the language the publication uses.  

GDPR & Coworking: USA

This is a followup on The Hero’s Journey series, which presented GDPR issues in a coworking context.  This seminar will focus on GDPR for American coworking spaces.

The #lovematija Fund

with EFWeek, Ouishare and Coworkaholic

The #lovematija fund is a project of  EFWeek, Ouishare, and Coworkahlic. The intention is to create a fund in Matija's memory,  to provide a financial resource to freelancers who find themselves in financial distress due to unforeseen medical emergencies.

PR for Independent Spaces

One of the reasons the media is about the valuation of coworking and not its values is simply that larger companies have media and PR firms, and people standing ready to be interviewed on matters related to Coworking.

Independent spaces have that too, only we are badly organized and not in contact with media figures or accessible to them. 

So we are working together to realize this end.

Coworking Write Club

with Bernie J Mitchell

Coworking Write Club: bringing together content publishers and content creators

There are tons of publishers looking for content about independent coworking and we also have a number of people who can write about it.  

We are working to bring them together in a way that brings interesting and informative content into the world without exploiting the content creators.

Global C3X Event

Dec 3, New York

Can you tell we like parties?  Global C3X is an exchange of experiences and more conversation-starting-content from a global perspective within the fused pillars of Coworking, CRE, PropTech and Community Growth.

It’s a Holiday Party, with a bonus of exceptional Content, Conversations & Innovations

Corp Coworking Brokers


We have been approached by companies which place folks in coworking spaces on behalf of corporate players, and we understand that a constant pain point is that the clients they work for often prefer independent coworking spaces but they are not able to meet that request.

They have asked us as the ECA to help them solve this problem and we are working on ways to do that.

Coworking Gift Exchange


The annual global coworking gift exchange is back for its third year.  

Once you’re a part of the exchange, you are matched to another member or workspace operator who’s taking part.

You send something cute (costing no more than €7/$7/£7) to your match, and get a gift from another member who got matched to you.

Want to collaborate?

We're always interested in working with breakout, paradigm-shifting or people-empowering projects.