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Assembly Projects

Assembly Projects

These are the projects we are actively developing. To find out how you can join a project, simply click the “Find Out More” button.

Assembly Projects

These are the projects we are actively developing. 

Coworking Library

The Coworking Library is a free, interdisciplinary, open online-database in which all current and former research about coworking can be found. Search and share anything you always wanted to know about Coworking there.

London Coworking Assembly - Monthly London Meetups

We’re a small and very diverse group of self-organised people who have been in and around London Coworking for the last decade. 

Our members run some of the most established independent coworking spaces in London.

Welcome to the podcast of the European Coworking Assembly. 

Every week we connect with your friends from around the European coworking community to chat about the coworking values. 

The values are Community, Openness, Collaboration, Accessibility, Sustainability.

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