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Coworking Symposium 2020

Coworking Symposium 2020 Short announcement 27 April 2020 @CoAssemblyEU

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Book your free virtual seat to the 2020 Coworking Symposium happening in May

May 27th 2020, sees an exciting admission-free event hitting the digital airwaves. The  Coworking Symposium will be hosted by an impressive speaker line-up.

Originally in the form of a half day conference in Prague, this gathering has now been pivoted to be a purely digital assembly, in light of the recent Covid-19 restrictions. Taking on this format means the reach is far greater than first anticipated, making it a truly inclusive and worldwide event.

Coworking Symposium 2020 will focus on recent and emerging trends in the coworking industry. There is a widening gap between workspace researchers and coworking industry experts that would need to be patched due to the swift hybridisation of contemporary coworking environments. Coworking Symposium will, therefore, bring some of the key minds of both worlds to open a discussion on developmental trends, investment opportunities and future collaborative workplace movements. 

“This is the ideal opportunity for industry masters and coworking members to network and to answer those burning questions – especially now when as an industry we need to come together to navigate ‘the new normal.’” says Marko Orel, organiser of the event.

The speakers for the day include:

On freelancing and the role of coworking spaces

On values of coworking movement

On making the knowledge on coworking research accessible

On building coworking communities and networks

  • Mike LaRosa, implementation guru of flex workspace technology @ JLL

On remote work and the use of coworking spaces

On development of coworking scenery in rural areas

On collaborative workplaces for innovation

On cross-cultural management in coworking environments

On managing a coworking brand

On entrepreneurial potentials of coworking hubs

On social impact of coworking spaces

On efficient communication activities in coworking spaces

On coworking in the post-COVID-19 society

This event is sure to provide valuable knowledge and key insights into the coworking world that is not to be missed. Be very sure to RSVP for your virtual seat in this admission-free global event.

Interact with us using the following social media hashtag #CoworkingSymposium2020

Find the order of the events and more here.

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