Coworking As An Essential Piece Of Urban Infrastructure

Convenience and accessibility are two important components of coworking. Catching up with Gareth Jones from TownSquare, he gives a bit of insight on how this can be accomplished and how coworking is an essential piece of the urban infrastructure.


TownSquare is a leading global application for better community living. It aims to find innovative ways to create town zones and community spaces in town centres all across the UK. Gareth adds that what TownSquare is interested in is working with real people who are passionate about what they do, people with great professional experiences and careers, and who are working hard to feed their children and pay their mortgage. 

According to Gareth, coworking has a brand issue at the moment. It is seen as a luxury or a trendy thing, and everyone involved in coworking must work together to move the narrative towards people realising that coworking is an essential piece of urban infrastructure. 

Keeping people in the local community

Often there are more people in an area who are willing to assist their community than one might think. Many people believe that they need to leave town and go to the big city to experience greater things when in fact, those things are in abundance in their local community.

Alike in the coworking sector where there is a massive opportunity for people to find their voice in their local community and to connect with other like-minded people who share similar interests. All this without having to commute to different locations. Keeping people in their local communities and centralisation of various services doesn’t only grow the economy but it brings a much needed sense of community with it.

What’s next?

One of TownSquare’s biggest missions currently is to influence and change the commute behaviour of the coworking industry and of professionals at large. As a steppingstone towards this, TownSquare is going to be launching a campaign called Boot that commute soon and would highly appreciate if people gave their feedback and thoughts on this.

Gareth believes that there is a strong need for people in the UK to be better connected as a community, but also better connected to what’s happening all over the world. That’s where the magic happens, realising that this is not what they see strictly in their communities. The end goal is for people in the UK to see what happens in their communities and in their neighbourhoods being echoed all over the world.

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