Coworking Events Code of Conduct

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We expect all coworking events to commit to providing an accessible and inclusive experience for everyone. Here is how… Events aren’t only fun or educational gatherings. They are an essential part of community building and bonding. However, with great events comes greater responsibility. We expect all coworking events to commit to providing an accessible and […]

Talking with Tara Everett of Canoe Coworking for the 5th Inclusion Event in London


Tara Everett, founder of Canoe Coworking, has come to London to speak at our ‘Inclusion & Diversity In Coworking’ event on March 14, 2019. Canoe Coworking in Manitoba, Canada, honours the indigenous traditions of its founder by offering a place to gather rooted in history, to encourage economic growth, community strength and to honor the […]

What Is Coworking Spain 2019 All About?

0 Two men are talking to each other at the Coworking Europe Conference in a conference hall. The man on the right is turned away from the camera and we se only his left ear and his profile. The man on the left is Manuel Zea. He has dark hair and eyes and a short, neat, beard. He is wearing a blue shirt with a copass logo and a conference badge on a lanyard around his neck.

We got to sit down and chat with Manuel Zea, the founder of CoworkingSpain and the Coworking Spain conference. What are you known for and what would you like to be known for? Everyone knows me as the founder of Coworking Spain and the organizer of the Coworking Spain conference, but I would like people […]