Coworking pioneers in the Coworking Library

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The Coworking Library is an open interdisciplinary online database with links to all coworking publications. It’s a collaborative project by Deskmag, the German Coworking Federation and with great support from the European Coworking Assembly. Among the 200 entries, we found some that were written by pioneers of the early coworking movement. We reached out to some of them to find out […]

Talking with Tara Everett of Canoe Coworking for the 5th Inclusion Event in London


Tara Everett, founder of Canoe Coworking, has come to London to speak at our ‘Inclusion & Diversity In Coworking’ event on March 14, 2019. Canoe Coworking in Manitoba, Canada, honours the indigenous traditions of its founder by offering a place to gather rooted in history, to encourage economic growth, community strength and to honor the […]