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Coworking Europe 2019 Camp Events

Coworking Europe Camp Events
At the European Coworking Assembly Camp, we'll be hosting three onsite events to educate, entertain, and inspire you.
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You are very welcome to join in whether this is your 9th Coworking Europe conference or your very first!

Jump right to Kick-off Event, Welcome Dinner or the Coworking Researchers Meetup.

Conference Kick-off Event
Tuesday 12th November 2019

3 pm - 6 pm
Chopin Boutique B&B

At the Kick-Off Event, we'll do a quick round of introductions and then hold rounds of the 'Coworking Hotseat' format.

Individuals will volunteer to take the 'Hotseat' and share a challenge they have.

Example: Do you have a particular project or process on which you are stuck or procrastinating on?

Is there something that you have been putting off for several weeks or mentally putting it in the “OMG! That is way hard basket.”

This is a great forum to seek the help of your coworking community peers.

You state the issue, there is a round of 'clarification questions' and then people will share solutions.

RSVP for free here.
Welcome Dinner for campers and friends
Tuesday 12th November 2019

7 pm till late
Chopin Boutique B&B

Cost €25 - please book using the form below so we can help the kitchen with preparation.

You are welcome to join us for our main welcome dinner, this a great way to connect with friends old and new ahead of the main conference days.

We especially welcome friends who are in Warsaw but not able to attend the main conference this time.


Coworking Library / Researchers meetup
Tuesday 13th November 2019

6 pm onwards
Chopin Boutique B&B

(After the main program of Coworking Europe Conference 2019, before the opening party)

After our successful launch of the new version of the Coworking Library with a new partner on board last year in Amsterdam, we want to continue the tradition of having an event dedicated to all coworking research.

The goal is to bring together all active researchers inside and outside of the Coworking Europe Conference (no conference ticket needed to join this meetup).

Come and join us for the fourth edition of the Researchers' Meetup!

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