Become a Member of the European Coworking Assembly

Who Can Become a Member?

The following organizations can apply to become Associate Members of the European Coworking Assembly:

  • Coworking spaces and business that provide coworking services from the EU and candidate member states;
  • National and regional organizations of coworking spaces from the EU and candidate member states;
  • Coworking conferences from the EU and candidate member states.

The same kind of organizations from outside the EU and organizations interested in coworking can apply to become Observer. All other organizations that have an interest in coworking and flexible workspaces can apply to become Observer.

The members are the organizations, and they appoint a representative. Individuals cannot become members or observers.

The applicant spaces adhere and implement all the elements of our definition of coworking:

  • Call itself or the service it offers coworking.
  • Have a fully dedicated space for coworking (not just a few hours or a cafeteria shared with patrons).
  • Have an active community of members, not just clients.
  • Have at least one facilitator dedicated to connect the members and build trust among them, engaging in activities to build the coworking community.
  • Treat coworkers as 1st class clients.
  • Promotes and encourage collaboration, interaction and serendipity.
  • Offer one or many kinds of membership (full or part time).
  • Does not discriminate who can become a member or how they can participate with hidden or implicit rules.

Only spaces with 20 or more coworkers and at least one year of existence can apply for Associate Membership (we cannot do a proper assessment if not). Smaller spaces can apply to become observers and become associate members when they grow.

If you think that any of the current members do not fit this definition, contact us.

How To Apply

  1. Submit the form below.
  2. The Board or Selection Committee reviews the application and communicates the result to the applicant.
    1. If the application is admitted, you have two weeks to submit your fee payment to our bank account.
    2. If the application is rejected the applicant can reapply after 6 months and within one year of the last application, explaining the changes that the board should consider. This is submitted by email to the Board (same email you receive the application notification from). After a year you must resubmit in this page as a new application.

Membership Fees

  • Coworking spaces: €150 first location, €50 per extra location under same company.
  • National and Regional Associations:
        1-15 members: €150
        16-25 member spaces: €200
        over 25 member spaces: €300
  • Coworking Conferences: €150
  • Other coworking related businesses and organizations: €300

All our fees are yearly. 1st year of membership is paid in full independent of date of application.

What Are the Rules and Regulations?

The rules and regulations are here.

Application Form