London Coworking Assembly Events June

Mainyard Studios

June 2019 is the most fun month yet for The London Coworking Assembly. We started life as a Facebook group in 2014 and in 2018 we worked to re-energise the community and moved to a new platform with a smaller group of highly committed people. For nearly a year we’ve been quietly gathering independent coworking […]

London Coworking Assembly April Breakfast


Welcome to Aprils London Coworking Assembly breakfast! Every a month a group of London coworking space operators and enthusiasts meet for breakfast to swap stories and talk about coworking. We meet in a different space each month, this means we ‘get out of our own space’ and get to connect with our peers on a […]

What Is Coworking Spain 2019 All About?

Two men are talking to each other at the Coworking Europe Conference in a conference hall. The man on the right is turned away from the camera and we se only his left ear and his profile. The man on the left is Manuel Zea. He has dark hair and eyes and a short, neat, beard. He is wearing a blue shirt with a copass logo and a conference badge on a lanyard around his neck.

We got to sit down and chat with Manuel Zea, the founder of CoworkingSpain and the Coworking Spain conference. What are you known for and what would you like to be known for? Everyone knows me as the founder of Coworking Spain and the organizer of the Coworking Spain conference, but I would like people […]