Coworking pioneers in the Coworking Library


The Coworking Library is an open interdisciplinary online database with links to all coworking publications. It’s a collaborative project by Deskmag, the German Coworking Federation and with great support from the European Coworking Assembly. Among the 200 entries, we found some that were written by pioneers of the early coworking movement. We reached out to some of them to find out […]

Coworking Events Code of Conduct


We expect all coworking events to commit to providing an accessible and inclusive experience for everyone. Here is how… Events aren’t only fun or educational gatherings. They are an essential part of community building and bonding. However, with great events comes greater responsibility. We expect all coworking events to commit to providing an accessible and […]

Diversity & Inclusion is bigger than today

Three young women and one young man are gathered around a laptop at a coworking space, smiling and looking at the screen together.

Happy International Women’s Day 2019 – this is what’s next… Today all around the world people are celebrating women. Our community feel strongly about correcting some of the injustices more than 50% of the planet’s population face. For the next 24 hours millions of people will attend initiatives to address gender imbalance, celebrate female achievement […]

Are you living happily ever after in GDPR land?

Neuschwanstein Castle, Schwangau by Jaromir  The data storm isn’t over! GDPR isn’t going anywhere and here is why it’s just beginning. The next 30 days After doing all the research, attending workshops, speaking to fellow professionals and being part of the GDPR webinar. I felt I had learnt a lot about data protection, haven’t we all? […]

A Hero’s Journey; Being Afraid Of Data

The beginning of the end – Part 1 of a GDPR story We aren’t so different, you and I. I’ve signed up to newsletters in stores to get a discount on the spot. I’ve accepted website cookies, terms and conditions and typed in my details to book flights but what happens next? I’ve been wondering […]