5 remote working principles to adopt.

It is worth remembering that remote working is not exactly the same as carrying on during a global pandemic which has wrenched the entire world loose from business as usual.

Worldwide, we’ve been thrown out of the routines we established thanks to the Coronavirus. Now we are reinventing our lives within our households to include our office environment., 

Recent studies have shown that 40% of workers would prefer the option to work remotely indefinitely. 86% of these respondents report that their productivity level is great, and 81% also rate their communication with colleagues as great during this time. 

The study even goes as far as saying that Covid-19 only caused a 1% reduction in work productivity.

We are being encouraged to avoid public, enclosed spaces for the time being. And while some are venturing back into their local coworking space, others have chosen to remain at home for the time being. 

Still, others of us are totally new to the concept of working from home.  

2020 has challenged every employer, employee, and freelancer, forcing everyone to re-examine the way we work.  And of course, many companies are deciding to pursue the remote working trend.

Whether it is from an operational or budget perspective, remote working is here to stay for the long run… 


The 5 must-have principles for Remote Working to adopt.


We look at the five must-have principles to adopt in your new or not-so-new remote working position: 

1. Exercise routine

Be sure to implement a daily routine. 

Dress, break for lunch and clear (and sanitize) your workspace at the close of each day to avoid feeling overburdened and crowded.


2. Manage priorities


Have your vision planned for just the day. Know your diary, delegate where you can, and keep that to-do list updated to get that sense of achievement!  

Sometimes even a day can seem overwhelming: if so, try dividing your day into before lunch and after lunch.


3. Embrace technology


Find your perfect app!

Be sure to load it on your laptop and phone to ensure business continuity at all times.  

If any unexpected curveballs come your way, you are better prepared to manage the crisis. 


4. Set boundaries


Be dedicated to your tasks, but mindful of your downtime. 

Implementing that routine, managing priorities and adopting tech tools goes a long way to help you work efficiently and set boundaries. 


5. Love yourself


The golden thread throughout your day… 

Include time to stretch your legs, prioritize a quick yoga session, make use of online grocery shopping, and be fair to your personal time without compromising the job at hand. 


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