Transforming Loneliness into Community with Holly Cooke

Holly Cooke – Founder of The Lonely Girls Club

In this episode of the Coworking Values Podcast, Tony talks with Holly Cooke, the inspiring founder of the Lonely Girls Club.

We explore Holly’s journey from being a lonely graduate in London to creating one of the UK’s largest communities for women seeking connection.

Holly shares her experiences, the club’s evolution, and how it has grown to include branches across several major cities in the UK. 

She discusses the challenges and triumphs of building a supportive network that caters to diverse needs and interests.

Key Topics Covered:

 The origin story of the Lonely Girls Club and its mission to combat loneliness among women.

Holly’s personal journey of moving to London and the challenges of making new friends in a big city.

How the club has expanded beyond London to other major UK cities like Manchester, Nottingham, and Birmingham.

The innovative ways the club fosters community both online and through in-person events.

Collaborations with local businesses and organisations to create unique opportunities for members.

Future plans for the club, including potential global expansion and continued support for its growing community.

Transforming Loneliness into Community with Holly Cooke by Bernie J Mitchell

Brought to you with The Belongfulness Project – sharing the best ways to re-weave our social fabric <3

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Timeline Summary:

01:20  Tony welcomes Holly Cooke and introduces the topic.

02:16  Holly shares the founding story of the Lonely Girls Club.

06:54  The initial meetup experiences and the challenges of organising events.

10:32  How the club supports members through digital forums and weekly newsletters.

13:57  Partnering with coworking clubs and other businesses to enhance community experiences.

18:12  Transitioning the club into a sustainable social impact business.

25:51  Addressing loneliness globally and future expansion plans.

31:29  The process of opening new branches and onboarding city hosts.

36:31  The importance of newsletters and the tools used to manage community engagement.

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