The Power of Food in Community Building with Ali Kakande

Welcome back to “Community is the Key,” our series with Salto Systems, where we explore ways to grow, start, and evolving communities.

Today, we introduce Ali, a community connector passionate about creating inclusive spaces through food and fellowship.

We explore Ali’s journey from starting her social enterprise, Carib Eats, a Weekly Canteen across Hackney & with a Caribbean twist.

Ali started this during the lockdown to her vision of using food to connect diverse neighbourhoods.

Ali shares her experiences and challenges, emphasizing the importance of providing culturally relevant meals with dignity.

We reflect on our first meeting with Ali at Urban MBA HQ in London and discuss the unique environment that brings together people from all walks of life.

Discover the magic of communal dining and how it reduces loneliness and fosters a sense of belonging.

The Power of Food in Community Building with Ali Kakande by Bernie J Mitchell

Community is the Key: Building Connections Over Caribbean Cuisine

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Episode Highlights:

[00:02] Introduction to the episode and Ali’s role in the community.

[01:04] Ali discusses her current focus on Caribbean Eats, a social enterprise born out of lockdown.

[02:13] Recalling our first encounter at Urban MBA HQ and the importance of experiencing community firsthand.

[03:49] The diverse group of people that come together over meals at the EdTech Centre and the significance of these gatherings.

[06:25] Discussing the broader vision of coworking spaces as community hubs for all ages.

[09:29] Ali’s motivation for starting Caribbean Eats and the power of connection through food.

[10:15] Ali shares a touching story about helping a man with learning difficulties who was lonely after losing his support network during the lockdown.

[14:24] The challenges of maintaining a social enterprise and the importance of providing culturally relevant meals.

[19:03] Heartwarming stories of the impact of Caribbean Eats on individuals like Malcolm, who found companionship and community.

[26:35] How listeners can get involved and support the initiative, whether through hosting canteens or offering skills and resources.

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One More Thing:

Remember, the strength of our communities lies in our collective efforts and shared values.

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