Building Community and Brand in Coworking with Caleb Parker

In this conversation recorded at the Urban MBA podcast studio in Lonon, we welcome Caleb Parker, a champion of entrepreneurs and a prominent voice in redefining the boundaries of office real estate and coworking industries.

You can track Caleb’s journey from American football to co-founder of Brave Corp.

We riff on the evolving role of office spaces and the significance of community and brand in today’s professional landscape.

Caleb shares his thoughts on the future of work, the importance of face-to-face interaction in a virtual world, and how companies must adapt to these changes.

Whether you’re a small coworking space owner or interested in the broader real estate market, this episode offers valuable perspectives and actionable advice.

Building Community and Brand in Coworking with Caleb Parker by Bernie J Mitchell

???? Community is the key with Salto Systems

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Timeline Summary

  • [01:46] – Caleb Parker discusses his reputation and aspirations.
  • [02:00] – Reflecting on what others perceive about Caleb’s work.
  • [03:11] – Exploring Caleb’s authority in the real estate market – but he is not a real estate guy.
  • [04:49] – The long-term planning and uncertainty in real estate.
  • [06:05] – The ongoing debate about the necessity of office spaces post-COVID.
  • [08:25] – Caleb’s perspective on brand and its deeper meaning.
  • [12:27] – The role of entrepreneurs and the impact of their values.
  • [15:36] – Building community in coworking spaces and aligning with shared values.
  • [19:06] – Creating a sense of belonging and how it drives community engagement.
  • [22:07] – The concept of “space as a service” and its practical applications.
  • [26:45] – The importance of hiring team members who align with your values.
  • [29:21] – Maintaining and evolving values within a community.

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