Creating Inclusive Works Places with Alex Young

In this episode of the CoWorking Values podcast, we have the pleasure of speaking with Alex Young, Director of Projects in Brighton.

We discuss the significance of accessibility in shared workspaces and how Projects is leading the way in creating inclusive environments. 

Alex shares practical advice on advocating for accessibility needs, designing spaces to be universally accessible, and listening to those who face accessibility challenges. Tune in to learn how inclusive design can make a difference in the workplace and the wider community.


[0:02] – Introduction to the Accessibility Edition with guest Alex Young.

[0:26] – Alex talks about her role and the mission of Projects as a workspace provider.

[1:26] – Importance of supporting employees with diverse needs.

[3:09] – Emily shares a personal example of body doubling for productivity.

[4:04] – Key considerations for making coworking spaces accessible.

[5:55] – Common mistakes in accessibility efforts.

[7:18] – Tips for advocating for accessibility needs at work.

[8:42] – Low-hanging fruits for improving accessibility.

[10:52] – Story of successful advocacy and mentorship in a Berlin coworking space.

[12:17] – Future trends in accessibility for coworking spaces.

[14:09] – Alex’s journey into the field of coworking and accessibility.

[17:27] – Advice for new co-working spaces on building accessibility from the ground up.

[19:13] – How listeners can connect with Alex.

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Projects – Brighton 

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Links & Resources

Centre of Excellence in Universal Design: Universal Design 

Access to Work (UK Government Fund): Access to Work 

Exceptional Individuals (UK Gateway Provider): Exceptional Individuals

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